Cheap or Free web design, what’s the catch?

You may have noticed commercials on television or online promoting low cost or even “free” websites for your business. It sounds too good to be true and like most things that sound too good to be true it is…

These companies target small businesses who can’t provide the upfront investment of a custom website. They promote their websites as free when they are far from it. From hidden fees for hosting, and charging you to continue using your website they tie you in to longterm contacts at a higher cost longterm.

Your website should define your business online and brand you as an individual to help you stand out against competitors, these websites are not custom or original but built from basic templates they provide to every business.

We have had more than a handful of clients in the past who have been tied in to contracts with previous website designers without the end result they thought they were paying for. Not to mention, at the end of their contract they are denied access to their website and must start from scratch.

This is why it is extremely important to read the fine print when choosing a website designer. Other things to consider are what does their portfolio of previous work look like? Is their style compatible with yours and are they able to develop a wide range of websites? Do you like their team members personally? You will be in contact with this person/team a lot during the development of your website and it is crucial that you hire someone you can see yourself working with. Another huge concept is what will happen one your website has been completed. How will you continue to make edits to your website? A good website designer will offer affordable maintenance plans to ensure you can continue to update the information on your website, or even the education to learn how to make changes yourself.

This is where Creatability has established ourselves at a reliable website designer who builds strong relationships with our clients. Our clients often stop by our office and are able to discuss the progress of their website with us personally. In addition, we work with your budget and needs to create the right project for you that will benefit your business in the best way. Our affordable maintenance plans allow clients to send us new content to keep their websites up to date.

If you are currently looking for a website designer, or are in search of an affordable website, contact Creatability today for more information.

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