When discussing marketing, a word often thrown in to conversation is branding, but what does it actually mean?

Branding is more than just a company’s name, logo, and slogan. While all these components help customers recognize your company, branding must also extend in to the mood and essence of what your company offers and your position in the market place.

Take Apple for example, while we are all familiar with their products and the logo displayed on the back of them, there is something even more intriguing with how their products are displayed. Steve Jobs was said to have very simple taste with limited furniture in his home and liked things to be simple and organized. He carried this theory not only in to apple’s products but also the stores that carry them. No matter which major city in the world you are in the Apple store’s glass doors, white walls, and simple decor make you feel as though you’ve walked in to a gallery rather than a retail store. The only thing more genius than there “genius” bar is their highly successful branding.

When implemented correctly branding can give your business its own personality, which sticks with a consumer far longer than a well designed logo. In Forbes latest news article, “Let Design Do The Talking For Brands” they inspect the details that go in to a well branded companies such as Trader Joe’s and how you can apply these concepts in to your business. The article stresses,

Managers of great brands are always looking for ways to express their brands in the finest details of execution. They know that all the little things they actually do or don’t do for their customers will mean more to them than the big things they claim through their marketing messages.
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