First off, we at Creatability LLC would like to wish all our clients and their families a happy new year! The New Year is an exciting time for businesses to set goals for the year and prioritize the marketing strategies that will get them there.

Although your yearly marketing plan requires many strategies covering a range of marketing techniques this year your plan must utilize video!

While “pictures are worth 1,000 words,” it’s been estimated that a video can be “worth 1.8 million words” in a Forrester study by Dr. James McQuivey.

Many of our clients have already been utilizing video for some time now. These videos can be used as marketing tools to add interest to their website, increase visibility on Youtube, improve Google rankings, and so much more! However, this year the largest benefit businesses are counting on is improved content marketing. So how exactly does it improve your content?

58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy
71% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a company

Many marketing outlets are designating 2016 as the year of video as it becomes the primary form of content marketing. Statistics don’t lie, customers love videos. They are one of the most efficient and professional ways to present company information online. Videos can be shared easily and keep up with a fast paced digital world where competition is an easy click away. By presenting information through video form companies position themselves as a leader and key contributor in their industry and customers take notice.

Ready to integrate video into your 2016 marketing campaign? Get started now!