You Tube Alternatives for Your Video Marketing Strategy

We all know what You Tube is essential to your video marketing strategy but if your not sharing your video on these other sites you could be missing out…

We continue to touch on the importance of video marketing because it is such a huge sector of internet marketing that allows you to reach a wide range of potential customers on a limited budget.

We constantly discuss sharing your videos on You Tube (the second largest search engine) for search engine optimization purposes, but in this blog post we hope to inform you of some other video sharing services you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Vimeo: Always expanding and a beautiful interface Vimeo is a great option for sharing videos and perfect for uploading videos you want to share with clients in a clean format for easy viewing.

2. Flickr: It’s not just for images anymore. With a free account you can upload up to two videos a month!

3. Slideshare: They’re not quite videos but with an account you can create detailed slide shows to promote your business and build your google rankings.

Check out our above recommendations to start promoting your business through video and remember creatability is always available for all your video marketing needs.

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