Artists, designers, and other creative professionals no longer just need a physical portfolio of their work.

Many job openings require a link to their digital portfolio and the website itself is critiqued in addition to their work alone. Digital portfolios allow you to share your work with clients or hiring agencies internationally.

We have completed portfolio websites for clothing designers, and fine artists to showcase their work in a clean way that does not distract from their work but instead acts as a foundation and makes galleries and showcases easy to navigate. In a portfolio website your work is the main attraction and details such as a resume, profile and contact page are used to support it.

A portfolio website can land designers more freelance work or drive sales for their existing work. However, there are important factors to take in to account when providing content for a portfolio site when striving for success:

  • Images should be high quality both in appearance and file size, the last thing you want to do is add mediocre images of your work that may downgrade it’s appearance.
  • Your resume should be fully updated and reformatted appropriately to go with the look and feel of the portfolio site to encourage cohesiveness.
  • Contact forms may be a better option since adding your phone number and email to a public website makes you a target for spam calls and spam emails. It is entirely up to the client whether they would like to add personal information.
  • Links to social media accounts such as a Facebook business profile or Linkedin account are a great addition to your portfolio site. Make sure profiles are updated and cleaned up before we add the links.
  • Gather testimonials! It can take some time for people to write you a testimonial or recommendation letter. Let them know ahead of time you will be asking for one and try to collect them from customers who will endorse your work.
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