Bring in More Leads Than Ever before

Lead generation websites are exactly what they sound like – websites designed to generate leads for your business. For many businesses the purpose of developing a website is to bring in new business by utilizing the extensive reach of the world wide web.

Lead ten websites are straight to the point usually only one page in size that have contact information easily visible.

Components of a Successful Lead Generation Website

  • Often these sites will have a contact form which allows business owners to easily document potential customers contact information. The key to a successful contact form is the less information you ask for initially the more likely you are to have potential clients fill it out. People don’t like to hand out personal details such as their phone number or address, especially online. We recommend that your lead generation site requests only simple information such as name and email. Customers are much more likely to give out their email address without hesitation, than more valuable personal details.

  • Another component of successful lead generation websites are testimonials. Testimonials give your company and website a sense of credibility. They lend support to your business and those with images give a face to your customer base making you more trustworthy. This is vital considering the amount of spam floating around on the internet, that you do not want to be confused with. These testimonials should be short and to the point but solid with information specific to your business. We recommend you take excerpts from longer testimonials you have received on Yelp or through email from your clients.
  • While not necessary, videos can be a great addition to your lead generation website. They offer a visually appealing way to give customers a lot of information in a short amount of time. We recommend these videos do not exceed a minute in order to keep viewers attention. The content can be something simple as a ”spokesperson” describing your product or services, or a testimonial from one of your customers.
  • Among the components mentioned above the best way to see how well your lead generation entices customers is to test it! By tracking sales results from your page you can see which images and components inspire people to make the jump from viewer to customer. Every industry is different and what may work for a roofer looking for leads may not for a chiropractor looking for new patients.

Start generating leads for your business!

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