Visual Media is more than passion for us

The creative juices run riot at Creatability when we start talking about visual media. It doesn’t matter if it’s video or photography.

Have you considered video?

You only have to look as far as the web to see that video is playing an increasingly important role in educating prospective clients, customers and employees and increasing brand identity. 60% of all internet traffic is now video, and recent research has shown that a person is  6 times more likely to watch a video than read a brochure and 3 more likely to pass it on to someone else.

Video is a cost effective form of communicationthat that  is versatile, able to be repurposed, and invokes emotion through testimonials, demonstrations and problem solving.   Utilizing video on your website allows for a greater conversion rate, as customers remain engaged and are therefore more likely to remain on your site and perform a desired action.  Videos drive traffic and are now an active part of SEO;  according to Marketing Sherpa, websites that utilize video achieved a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

With statistics like these, have you considered video?

If you are not already using video, you have to ask yourself why. For most people the answer is that it’s too difficult to create a video yourself or too expensive to hire a company to create it for you – but that really isn’t the case! Don’t believe us? Call us at 925 558 2282 and let’s see what we can create for you.

With our experience in a number of video productions, we are sure to create a video that will suite your particular needs, is reasonable, professional, unique to you, and one that will increase your exposure.

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