Video Marketing Made Easy

We all know from our personal searches for services and products online that businesses at the top of the search results hold all the power.

Search engines and networks are well-known for keeping quiet about their specific formula for choosing top content, which makes our job the ongoing challenge it proves to be.

However, the popular video sharing website, You Tube, is turning heads on their recent announcement of what exactly you should be doing to get your video found. Yes, really! You Tube is giving away all their deepest darkest secrets for getting your video found and noticed.

For those who are unfamiliar with search engine optimization this is unheard of. Google is infamous for releasing new algorithms periodically as an attempt to eliminate online marketers using their skills to push their own clients content to the top of search results. Google not only does this to make sure searchers are receiving the best results possible but also to force businesses in to using their pay per click services at a costly rate.

Fortunately, You Tube is owned by Google meaning if you can build your videos presence you will be strongly rewarded in Google search results.

To read the full article and learn how you can start getting your business found on You Tube click here.

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