“We don’t have a choice on whether we do Social Media the choice is how well we do it” -Erik Qualman

You may have noticed your favorite brands popping up on social media. Businesses are leveraging Facebook for more than sharing “selfies” but as a platform to advertise their business to an ever-growing number of facebookers. Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media networks can be used in the same way and are a cheap and effective way to connect with your customers.

Regardless of whether your small business has a website or not, you can benefit from the social media craze.

Social media marketing will allow you to stay engaged with customers, as well as attract new customers due to the viral nature of social media. Customers are constantly sharing interesting information on their friends walls, posting products on instagram, and tweeting their new favorite restaurant. This is your opportunity to market yourself to thousands of people without the cost of pricey television adds.

It can be overwhelming for businesses to understand the large contrast between using social media sites personally and using them to advertise their business. With the ability to connect with customers on a personal level also comes a great responsibility to represent your business in the best way possible, believe it or not there are many wrong ways to use social media marketing that can cause more damage to your business than good. However, when done correctly you can attract a great deal of customers on a small budget.

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