Mobilizing your business is no longer an option – it’s MANDATORY.

Smartphones have become so widely used that it is said more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush!

Not only does this open up your marketing possibilities, but you are essentially at a hands reach from potential customers at any given moment. This is how a new sector of marketing has developed known as mobile marketing.

Many websites are built using Flash, others are hard to navigate on a small screen, and some take a while to load. In serious cases, websites may not load at all. This means a few things for your online marketing strategy. First, your website must be compatible with all cell phone browsers and also be responsive (adapt to the size of the viewers electronic device). Creatability does not develop websites that are non responsive for this exact reason.

Trust us, you can not afford to miss out on the amount of business that comes from customers who primarily use their cell phones for web access. Especially because you now have the ability to reach out to them than waiting for them to find you! You can do this through:

  • SMS Text campaigns
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Apps

…and the possibilities are always growing!

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