Local Marketing specifically targets the community surrounding your business rather than a mass market.

By honing in on local consumers you market to those who are more likely to become actual customers.

Local marketing is extremely beneficial for a range of business types. Obvious candidates include restaurants and stand alone specialty stores. For example if you are a restaurant in the East Bay Area you don’t want to waste your marketing budget marketing to potential customers in southern California. Through local marketing your marketing budget is being used more efficiently for better results.

So how do you market to those local to you?

This is where internet marketing and local marketing unexpectedly go hand in hand. Eighty percent of consumers utilize search engines to locate local products, services, and businesses. Through internet marketing there are ways to enhance your online profiles to be professional and attractive to customers and most importantly to raise them to the front page of search engine results so your information is found. This is known as local SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Among other things, through the use of expert keyword research and correct implementation your business listing can be pushed to the top of search results.

It all sounds too easy and like most things that sound too good to be true there is a catch. Search engines are not happy about marketing companies altering their search results and interfering with their systems. This is why many search engines implement new and more complex algorithm changes every so often in to attempt to throw you off. Creatability has years of experiences with these algorithms and with ongoing training and understanding of search engine systems we have successfully helped our clients  stay ahead of each large update.

As mentioned above there is more to local marketing that local SEO, one of those is social media. In this day in age there is no reason for a business to not have social media profiles. Social media enables you to connect with local customers and many have their own marketing tools that when used correctly localize your marketing.