Looking for a way to reach out to your clients or customers to inform them about current events or deals?

Email marketing is a convenient and effective way to connect with your customers periodically to inform them of specific information and direct them towards your website or other contact information. Email campaigns can be utilized to deliver key industry information, promotions, company news, and more.

Through eye-catching graphics and straight to the point content you can grab client interest and keep them interested in your services. Some of the major benefits of email marketing include:

  • Cost: You save money on printing and postage required for print mail campaigns
  • Real-time Delivery: You can determine the exact moment your newsletter will be delivered, which is extremely beneficial considering there are peak hours to reach out to customers.
  • Customers can opt-out of your newsletter at anytime which means those you send it to actually want to read it, meaning you are not spamming your customers.
  • Track customer engagement: You can see how many customers are opening your campaign, unsubscribing, and more.
  • Easy to Share: Unlike printed documents, clients can forward the information to friends or family with one click!
  • Environmentally Friendly: for those interested in protecting the environment, email campaigns offer a paper-free way to reach out to customers.

Email marketing is essential for building brand awareness and keeping your product or services in the back of the customers mind. Your goal is to keep them interested so they don’t click that unsubscribe button and continue to follow your business endeavors.

We have found that most people volunteer their email information more sparingly than other contact information. A strategy we often use to build your email list is offering something free or a promotion in exchange for customers signing up for your newsletter. The something “Free” can be a guide relative to your business or you can simply offer free shipping with their next order. The key it to make them feel signing up is worth their while and once they have continue to catch their interest.

We have experience producing newsletters for various industries including: medical clinics, dentists, archery stores, and more and unlike many of our competitors we practice what we preach. We have a monthly newsletter, Marketing Bytes, where we keep our clients informed of the latest online marketing trends, tips and a promotion. You can sign up here! 

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