In the marketing and networking world business cards aren’t just a piece of paper with your phone number, they are an insight into your business and give you the ability to make a professional first impression.

Standard business cards just don’t cut it anymore. As the world of design continues to infuse the business world business cards are taking different shapes with vertical and portrait orientations, rounded corners, and specialty shapes. Most importantly striking designs make you stand out during events where businesses are passing out cards left and right.

A successful business card merges your contact information and layout in a creative way and may even include added extras such as a QR code to enable contacts to access your website or a landing page with a simple scan from their cell phone. Another component of a notable business card is it will strike up a conversation, this can be done through custom graphics or even images when used correctly. It will define your business identity even with the use of such a small space.

Many of our clients who have utilized our website design services have also brought us on to design their business cards. In the same way your website is often your first impression on clients online. Business cards are your first impression in person and you never know when an opportunity to network might arise.  There is nothing more disappointing than a well-designed business card with folded edges and creases. This is why we encourage clients to take advantage of our network of local printers who employ long lasting materials and various finishes to protect your cards from damage. Our printers typically have fast turn around times and can rush order prints for clients who find they have a networking event quickly approaching.

Reasons you need professional business cards:

  • They’re smaller than a resume
  • It acts as a call to action
  • Make you memorable at networking events
  • Easy to carry around with you for unexpected encounters
  • You will look professional