Don’t be fooled, just because we emphasize the importance of a professional online presence doesn’t mean we disregard the relevance of print marketing material. Every well rounded marketing strategy incorporates both.

Brochures and flyers can be used to relay information about your services and events in a tangible way. Many of our print design projects for clients are for conventions they participate in and have booths where they need something to hand out, or to display in their office.

Creatability designs single sided and double sided flyers. brochures, and more. A few of our brochure and flyer design projects include informational brochures for a medical center, in-home care company, dental anesthesia networking business, and hospice care, in addition we have also developed takeout menus using a brochure format for restaurants all over the bay area.

Client Information

For clients interested in our flyer and brochure design services we ask them to complete the graphic design intake form and to provide content prior to text layout to make sure we utilize space in the most efficient way.

We suggest clients consider reducing the amount of text for more visual appeal and encourage our clients to not overfill available space. When it comes to content on brochures and flyers, we often find that less is more. Our best advice is to think how much of a brochure you would typically read if it wasn’t about your business. You want to give customers key points without overloading them with information.

Other points to consider are contact information should be easy to locate which generally means it needs to be a bolder and larger font than other text which requires more space.

You also need to take into account the space needed for images. Company photos or stock images can give your project a sophisticated look while adding interest to your content.

Together all these elements come together to grab client interest in a modern and clean way.

Ready To Get Started on your Flyer/Brochure?


  • Tri-fold / Bi-fold / Z-fold
  • 2 Unique Designs
  • Up to 2 revisions of selected design
  • Files delivered as jpg and print-ready PDF


  • Tri-fold / Bi-fold / Z-fold
  • 3 Unique Designs
  • Up to 4 revisions of selected design
  • Files delivered as jpg and print-ready PDF


  • Tri-fold / Bi-fold / Z-fold
  • 5 Unique Designs
  • Up to 6 revisions of selected design
  • Files delivered as jpg and print-ready PDF