Many design companies claim to do apparel graphics when all they do is apply your standard logo to the front of a shirt. Sometimes this is all a client needs or wants, but we feel confident in saying we can do so much more for you!

In the past few years we have seen a substantial rise in requests for apparel graphics from our clients. Projects have included employee shirts and hats, promotional shirts for sale in their business, and company anniversary gifts. We see each project as an opportunity to design something new and interesting. We know how proud our clients are to wear their business with a professional company shirt, and the special feeling they share seeing their employees representing their company.

We incorporate custom illustrations, fonts, logos, and more to create apparel graphics that are truly one of a kind. Through our printing services we can design front and back graphics, all-over print shirts, sleeve graphics, embroidery, multiple colors, and other details to take your apparel project above and beyond what you thought was possible. Our extensive network of printing services also allows us to handle and communication required by the printer and make sure all graphics are received on time and printed accurately.

Experience in Apparel Design

Among our years of experience completing apparel graphics for our clients in a range of industries, we have what or should we say who we call our secret weapon.

Jermel Wells, our lead graphics designer also owns a skate apparel business where he sells roller skate themed graphic shirts and accessories. Having received high recognition and success in the skating industry he is fully immersed in the entire printing process and is involved in his creations from concept to design and development. He can walk clients through any of the steps required for their apparel needs.

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