Stock Image Requirements

We are often approached by clients asking us to use images they have found on the internet for their website or advertising media.

Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot.

From the time it is created, a photo or other image is automatically protected by copyright and it is illegal to use it without permission. We guarantee that using an image you found on Google is not worth the consequences of copyright infringement, and not only puts your business at risk, but ours as well.

For clients who need more images for their website other than their own personal photos we recommend a range of different stock image libraries that are filled with images covering every category. These photos are available for purchase to use legally on your website and often add a more professional look to your site.

If you will need stock images purchased for your website we ask that you complete the form below to ensure we select appropriate images.

Suggested Stock Image Libraries

  • E.g. People exercising, a young couple, Golden Gate Bridge
  • Would you prefer photos target towards men, women, or both? Please describe...
  • E.g. We are a gym; our equipment includes barbells, and jump ropes - we do not have exercise machines. Please describe...
  • Please list their URLs here
  • While answering these questions greatly helps us choose photos, the best way is to log into any stock image library, select images you like, and create a “lightbox”, or folder of images you like for your website.
    You can then share it with us by entering the URL below:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.