Jermel Wells
Jermel Wells Creative / Lead Graphics

Who Am I?

Since 2005, Jermel has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He has had a wide array of clientele which includes start-up businesses and organizations, both large and small.

From logos to posters to brochures to websites, he enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with his clients, and pushing himself to produce the best work possible.

Being a person that is not afraid of working that extra mile to make sure that a client is properly taken care of. Armed with a degree in Computer Animation, 5 plus years of graphic design and video editing, along with many other artistic talents.

Jermel has a great eye for design and a smile to match.

  • In college Jermel specialized in 3D animation.
  • He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia where he attended art school.

Some of my highlights

Jermel’s biggest strengths center around his talent for graphic design. His artistic ability allows him to easily sketch out ideas for clients. He is the photoshop master who can virtually do anything to an image.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” –Farrah Gray

Jermel’s main hobby is roller skating. He began skating at 12 years old and still continues to participate in skate events at various rinks across California. His passion for design and skating led him to design a skate based apparel company, Skate Swagger, which has become a well known staple for those in the roller skating community.
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